foto grupo equipo

Our family

Recently, the entire Ébano Stories family gathered in our little corner of the world—a small but cozy studio where we’ve been for a few months now in the Aguacate Industrial Park, in the Buena Vista neighborhood of Madrid. The reason for our get-together was to have a casual photo session for our new website, all while catching up and enjoying some pizzas. When I explain who we are, the individuals behind Ébano Stories, I always describe us as a family. Committed people with diverse skills, we embrace cross-functional roles, versatility, and the ability handle tasks ranging from directing the photography for a documentary to connecting an HDMI cable for a conference livestream. We’re the kind of team that doesn’t hesitate to climb a tree and rip our pants while unsuccessfully attempting to reach a drone stuck in a branch 15 meters high, or, why not, plunge into a swamp in the midst of autumn to capture the best shot for the editing room. The positive atmosphere we’ve collectively cultivated serves as a driving force for all our projects. While some are more glamorous—those we eagerly share on Instagram to underscore that we’re on par with Scorsese—others are part of our daily routine, not particularly thrilling, yet consistently significant. In every scenario, we approach our work with unwavering dedication and a touch of good humor. And for me, as an audiovisual professional and team manager, I believe that laughter is invariably the route to achieving the best results. And if that’s not convincing enough, just take a look at our team photos. They encapsulate the essence perfectly. We’re here for a brief two days, and making the most of it with a good time is paramount.
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