Banco Santander


Four year ago, Elisabeth was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome, a rare condition that primarily affects the nervous system. Since then, the lives of her parents, Raúl and Soraya, have undergone a complete transformation. Raúl shares, “I had to adapt to this situation and make a significant shift in my life,” as we join him in picking up his daughter from school. Balancing family and work life has been crucial to adapting to Elisabeth’s needs.

One day, Soraya proposed an idea to her husband: “Raúl, I think we need to do something to try to help other families.” And that’s how ‘La ilusión de Elisabeth’ (Elisabeth’s Dream) was born, a project created to assist families going through the same experience: having a child with Angelman Syndrome.

The story of Raúl, Soraya and Elisabeth is part of the ‘Algo personal’ series, a project for Banco Santander.

Director: Jon Cuesta
Cinematographer: Juan Moreno
Camera: Sergio Moreno Gómez de Zamora
Editing: David Cutillas
Location: Madrid.

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