it's a girl

Asha Ismail was born in Kenya in 1968. Like most girls in her community, her life took a drastic turn when she underwent female genital mutilation at the age of 5. Her fate was sealed and unquestionable: forced marriage, unwanted pregnancies, submission to male dominance. The same story her mother and grandmother had gone through, and one she was condemned to relive.

In this documentary, Asha embarks on a journey to reveal that female genital mutilation is not exclusive to Africa and is currently prevalent in countries like the United States among white communities. Her goal is clear: to give a voice to survivors and deliver one million signatures at the United Nations headquarters in New York to pressure the international community to eradicate this practice through a global response.
Director: Hayat Traspas
Director of Photography: Juan Moreno
Producer: Jon Cuesta
Locations: España, Kenia, Estados Unidos.
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