Hayat was born in Mogadishu, Somalia, in 1989, but was forced to leave her homeland before she reached the age of two due to the enduring armed conflict that persists even today.

As she fled, she made her way through Dadaab, Kenya, which has since become the world’s largest refugee camp. She lived in Kenya and Tanzania before fate brought her to Spain twelve years ago, where she has, regrettably, closely followed the various stages of the ongoing Somali conflict.

Over two decades later, Hayat is getting ready to visit a region in the former northern Somalia, a place her mother has consistently shared family stories about: Somaliland.

Directed by: Jon Cuesta
Cinematographer: Fran Castaño
Producer: Hayat Traspas
Screenplay: Xurxo Fernández
Location: Spain, Kenya, Somaliland

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