Banco Santander


Marta Rodríguez is the youngest in her family. At just three years old, her way of joining in with her siblings was by taking on the role of a soccer goalkeeper. By the age of 8, she was already a team player and eventually went on to become a professional. In addition to her achievements in the sporting arena, Marta works in the multinational department at Banco Santander. Every morning, she wakes up at 6:30, gets ready, grabs her bike, and cycles to work. It’s her way of staying fit after leaving high-level competition.

Whether on a football field or at work, one of Marta’s greatest virtues is her quick response, enabling her to react promptly to any issue or requirement that may arise for the client. Marta’s story is part of the ‘Algo personal’ project, a series of videos where we get to know Banco Santander’s employees.

Director: Jon Cuesta
Cinematographer: Juan Moreno
Camera: Sergio Moreno Gómez de Zamora
Editing: David Cutillas
Location: Madrid.

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