Banco Santander


Gabriel Cambronell has a congenital disability, yet this has not impeded his participation in two swimming world championships, where he earned a bronze medal in the butterfly style. “Swimming is an ongoing battle against the clock, a daily challenge against oneself. This life philosophy has guided me in every aspect of my life”. Getting into a pool means everything to Gabriel. “Not setting obstacles for oneself and having the ambition to overcome them” is the mantra that Gabriel applies to his life, both personally and professionally. Gabriel’s story is part of ‘Algo personal,’ a project for Banco Santander where we share the stories behind its employees. ⁠

Director: Jon Cuesta
Cinematographer: Juan Moreno
Camera: Sergio Moreno Gómez de Zamora
Editing: David Cutillas
Location: Plasencia, Extremadura.

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