The path of Luftu

Luftu is 33 years old and has been in Spain since 2015. He was born in Afghanistan, and he was 14 years old when the Taliban arrived. Remember that time with fear. After working as an interpreter for the Spanish military forces in Afghanistan, he had to leave the country a few years ago. His family was evacuated by the Spanish Government in August 2021 after the arrival of the Taliban regime.

Now this Afghan has created an association and now helps other newly arrived Afghans. From the association, they try to get collaborative projects and scholarships with different universities, because many of the young people who arrive have had to leave their studies halfway through. Just like it happened to him. For the coming academic year, the Camilo José Cela University has offered 20 scholarships to newly arrived Afghans, and Luftu coordinates the project and works as an interpreter. “Our goal is to hold the hand of these newly arrived refugees to ease their way.” A path, which as Luftu knows well, is not easy. “Leaving your country, your friends, your memories and your home is not easy. No one wants to leave everything they have achieved. It’s not just physical things, but emotionally you’re connected there.”

Director: Jon Cuesta
Cinematographer: Fran Castaño
Location: Madrid

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